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Sunscreen special structures 

Sunscreen special structures are alternative products to the classic awning, each designed for a different need for your outdoor space whether it is garden, balcony or terrace.

Some special structures are designed for outdoor commercial spaces. Below are our categories:
– POLYTEC SHELTERS: used as small canopies to protect the outside of the front door
– AD-HOC special solar shading structures: customized products for specific needs of special outdoor spaces


The Polytec Shelter

The Polytec Shelters, as part of Mectend’s range of sunscreen special structures are made of compact polycarbonate material and are available in four different types: CURVE, TECHNICAL, HISTORIC, ANTIQUE and LINEAR.

It is possible to choose the type of shelter depending on the style of the building, whether it is more classical or contemporary.

Other special products

Mectend produces custom structures for special projects requested by its clients, such as tarps to decorate the arcades of commercial establishments.

Mectend’s full-cycle production allows the company to offer absolute flexibility in the customization of its items.

Mectend service

All Mectend products are easy to install and boast meticulous attention to detail.
The quality of Mectend products is unique due to the fact that all production processes take place within the Mectend Group. Mectend, compared to other companies in the industry, manufactures all of its products with a complete production cycle.

Customer deliveries are also handled by Mectend, guaranteeing speed and logistical flexibility.

Mectend offer sunscreen special structures as the ideal solar shading custom-made solutions for your home or business.

Sunscreen special structures range 


POLYTEC shelters are used as small canopies to protect the outside of the front door.