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Mectend’s sunscreens

Mectend manufactures sunscreens solutions from finished awnings to outdoor pergolas.

Mectend products are divided into a variety of items to meet all customer needs. From accessories produced in the foundry or in the plastic molding site to the finished articles, all products are manufactured with full cycle production, assembling all parts with fabrics in our assembling department


Our products

Our products consist of window and terrace awnings in a variety of models, folding arm, vertical, side rail awnings with manual or motorized opening or pergolas, parasols and outdoor sun sails, complete with freestanding structures and LED lights.

The company offers a wide range of products because it believes it is essential to meet the needs of the market and its customers.

The design of sunscreens

Mectend develops its products independently. The company starts with designing the awnings or pergolas using state-of-the-art software packages such as Autocad and Inventor. Prototypes are tested with specific tests using the latest 3D technology. In this way, the company ensures accuracy at design level.

The production of sunscreens

Mectend’s foundry and workshops are equipped with the latest equipment. Shell casting and die casting equipment, multiple-head threading machines, hydraulic power units, numerically controlled cut-off and bending machines, and hydraulic presses are among the main machines used in the manufacturing of sunscreens. We use high quality materials: primary aluminum alloys, thermoplastics, stainless steel screws and studs.

Awnings assembling 

The tailoring department is equipped with the latest assembling techniques for sewing, welding and bonding fabrics, souced from leading manufacturers in Italy and Europe. More than 60 years’ experience in the production of sunscreens makes Mectend the market leader in terms of quality and durability of products and professional service.

Innovative products

All production takes place with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery. We offer customers a wide range of acrylic fabrics, PVC, Cristal, etc. featured in a comprehensive sample book. Continuous attention to the evolution of assembling techniques and tools leads to the development of new products. Mectend always offers high-quality products, by keeping up with the industry’s market trends. In fact, our products meet all our customers’ needs.


There are different types of awnings, each designed to meet every detail of your window or terrace.


There are different types of outdoor products, each designed for every need of your outdoor space whether it is garden, balcony or terrace.


Mectend manufactures its accessories in its production facilities, the foundry and the plastic molding plant