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Mectend is a manufacturer of sunscreen solutions, such as indoor and outdoor awnings and pergolas. We specialize not only in standard products but also in customized projects for your solar protection needs.

On our website you will find the complete products catalogue from the various types of awnings, such as folding arms awnings, side rail awnings, vertical awnings and Dutch awnings. You will also find our Outdoor solutions, i.e., pergolas and parasols.

Mectend’s solutions

At Mectend, we have been working with our customers for more than sixty years to find the right solution for all sunscreening needs. We believe in collaborating with both our suppliers and our customers to develop cutting-edge products that anticipate the demands of the ever-growing market.

Mectend awnings come in a variety of types, from folding arm awnings, vertical awnings, side rail awnings, Dutch awnings or Shelters for commercial establishments to the OUTDOOR solutions with pergolas and parasols for gardens and terraces.
There are many sunscreening solutions available, which can be evaluated together with our experts.

It is important to remember the ECOBONUS incentives valid until the end of 2024 for all sunscreening products for buildings’ thermal improvement.

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Talk to us

We will be happy to listen to the retailer’s needs to offer the best solar-screen solutions for all outdoor spaces.

Our solutions

With our solutions, you can, not only create areas protected from the sun, but also elegantly furnished areas designed for relaxation or guests reception.

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How to reach Mectend Srl.

Mectend Srl. is located in Tagliolo Monferrato in the Caraffa Industrial Zone. We are located in the Ovadese area, halfway between Alessandria and Genoa.