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OUTDOOR sunscreen solutions

There are different types of OUTDOOR sunscreen solutions, each designed to meet a different need for your outdoor space. Pergolas are ideal for any type of space with or without a supporting wall. All solutions are highly customizable.
Below are our categories:
Pergolas: outdoor space covering solutions to extend the home habitat and to furnish and protect gardens of commercial premises.
Parasols: these are the most adaptable solution for those who need to protect the outdoor area from the sun occasionally.
Complementary Products: these are optional solutions for those who need to customize the pergola for specific needs


The Cover– OUTDOOR sunscreen Solutions 

Fire-retardant PVC blackout shade material in white or cream is generally used for pergolas, but it’s possible to choose also from a wide range of acrylic or resin fabrics, depending on needs and preferences.
The pergola awning can be installed with one to three modules, depending on the desired screening.
Optional, compared to the standard cover, are the loose cover or the overhanging canvas that can be made on one side only or on both sides of the pergola. Finally, Cristal windows can be applied in the pergola’s cover to increase luminosity, while still maintaining waterproofing.

The color of the fabric

The color of the OUTDOOR structure for sunscreening can generally be chosen from white, ivory or anthracite grey. Optionally, the structure can be painted in brown or other pantone colours of your choice.
The color of the cover comes standard in white or ivory. Alternatively, it is possible to opt for a RAL color of your choice.

The opening mechanism

There are basically two opening mechanisms for OUTDOOR sunscreening solutions, namely manual or automated. The first type is the most economical option, while the second type suits those who are looking for a more technologically advanced product.

Mectend service

All Mectend products are easy to install and boast meticulous attention to detail.
The quality of Mectend products is unique due to the fact that all production processes take place within the Mectend Group. Mectend, compared to other companies in the industry, manufactures all of its products with a complete production cycle.
Customer deliveries are also handled by Mectend, guaranteeing speed and logistical flexibility.
Outdoor sun screening solutions are designed for your outside living area.

The OUTDOOR product range


There are different types of pergolas for OUTDOOR, designed for each individual need of your outdoor space whether it is garden, balcony or terrace.


Parasols are ideal for your outdoor space whether terrace, balcony or garden. They decorate and protect from the sun with minimal bulk