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POLYTEC shelter systems

POLYTEC shelter systems are used as small canopies to protect the outside of the front door from the weather.

The POLYTEC shelters come in the following models:
CURVA, characterized by the rounded shape
TECNICA, characterized by a contemporary design
STORICA, characterized by a traditional design
ANTICA, featuring a vintage design
LINEARE, with a simple and linear shape



Unlike the standard canopy, the POLYTEC shelter is a horizontal structure, without supports, very easy to install by attaching it to exterior walls, usually above doors and windows.

Applications of POLYTEC shelters

In addition to pleasantly decorating the entrance of a building, POLYTEC shelters are essential for protecting from extreme weather, creating pleasant areas of shade.  Useful for example, while looking for keys to open the door or while waiting for someone.


The great advantage of the POLYTEC shelter is that it enhances the outdoor space through its classy design.
It is particularly suitable for contemporary buildings or historic centers.  Some models, in fact, have a classically shaped frame, reminiscent of an antique style.

There are different designs to choose from to match the shelter to the style of the building to which they are to be installed.

Mectend service

All Mectend products are easy to install and boast meticulous attention to detail.
The quality of Mectend products is unique due to the fact that all production processes take place within the Mectend Group.

Mectend, compared to other companies in the industry, manufactures all of its products with a complete production cycle.

POLYTEC shelter range