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The S/88 FOLDING ARM awning is part of Mectend’s awning product range. Awnings with folding arms are used as sunscreen for glass doors, windows and living areas that lead to the garden.
They are very versatile because they can be easily adapted to the size and structure of your home. They are adjustable at the time of installation to determine the best angle to properly dose the lighting and shade levels.


Awning features

The S/88 awning has folding arms on independent side plates. The folding arms are made of light aluminum with stainless steel cable. It can be installed onto walls frontally or laterally or ceilings with brackets. It is possible to choose material and colour of the fabric.

The opening can be either by gear or with SOMFY motor system with traditional technology, RTS radio, or IO home-control. The IO system manages awnings opening via remote control or via app from smartphone or tablet, also remotely.
It is ideal for creating small/medium-sized sunscreens.

Render 3D Awning with extendable arms S/88 - MECTEND

Applications of the S/88 folding arm awning

The S/88 folding arm awning is particularly suitable for blocks of flats and for fitting small spaces.

It is a simple and lightweight awning, but still with good mechanical operating performance.


Advantages of the S/88 awning

The S/88 folding arm awning offers a significant advantage because it allows you to protect your outdoor space from the sun with minimal bulk. It makes the terrace or balcony livable even in hot weather by integrating it into the living part.

Under the awning you can enjoy your outdoor space protected from the sun.
Make your outdoor space usable even in the hottest weather and enjoy the extra comfort.

Manage the amount of light and shade in the best possible way, with a secure system, resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Mectend service

All Mectend products are easy to install and boast meticulous attention to detail. The quality of Mectend products is unique, also due to the fact that all production processes take place within the Mectend Group. Mectend has excellent expertise, because it offers tailor-made solutions through its complete production cycle.

Customer deliveries are also handled by Mectend, for faster and flexible logistical results.

With our wide range of folding arm awnings, each installation is custom-designed to the needs of our customers with functional, versatile and beautifully designed solutions.

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