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The Pergola FUTURE is part of Mectend’s OUTDOOR product range. Pergolas are used to sunshade a part of the terrace or garden or to furnish a patio area for a commercial activity. Pergolas are ideal as shelter from the summer rain and for creating pleasant shaded areas.


Features of the PERGOLA FUTURE 

This pergola has a structure made entirely of aluminum and stainless steel. It includes the awning built into the high-strength rails.

For lengths longer than 5m, the guides are reinforced. The sliding of the carriages is ensured by radial ball bearings with a double protective cage, which doesn’t require any maintanance to operate. The pergola is provided with a front beam that has a rainwater drainage function. Discharge is direct into the footplates with drainage to the ground through special holes near the foot.

The awning is made of PVC fire retardant blackout fabric, alternatively traditional fabric or, in some cases, acrylic, resin or filter fabrics, depending on needs and preferences. The FUTURE pergola can be fitted onto walls, ceilings, square bar or can be also freestanding.

Operation is electric with SOMFY IO motor in box. The IO system manages the operation of the pergolas via remote control or via app from a smartphone or tablet, even remotely.

It is ideal for making large-scale covers. 



The PERGOLA FUTURE, part of MECTEND’s range of OTDOOR solutions, can be used outside of balconies or terraces or in the garden, allowing to create a weather sheltered area.

This pergola is elegant because of its contemporary design.

It is ideal for covering commercial and residential spaces because it provides excellent wind resistance and elegantly decorates the outdoor space.


Advantages of the PERGOLA FUTURE

The PERGOLA FUTURE offers a significant advantage because it allows you to protect your outdoor space from the sun with minimal bulk.
It makes the terrace or balcony livable even in hot weather by integrating it into the living part.

Under the pergola you can entertain friends with a summer dinner or rest while children play.

It is also ideal for public places such as bars and restaurants because it is easy to maintain and has excellent wind and rain resistance.

Enjoy your outdoor spaces year-round without sacrificing comfort.

Extend your living spaces and manage the amount of light and shade in the best possible way, with a secure system, resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Mectend Service

All Mectend products are easy to install and boast meticulous attention to detail. The quality of Mectend products is unique due to the fact that all production processes take place within the Mectend Group.

Customer deliveries are also handled by Mectend, for faster and flexible logistical results.

Thanks to our selection of pergolas, each installation is tailored to the needs of our clients with functional, versatile and beautifully designed solutions.

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