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The S/2015 BRACCIO ROTANTE Pivot arm awning is part of Mectend’s Awning product range. Vertical awnings are used as sunscreening for windows and balconies.
They are very versatile because they can be easily adapted to the size and structure of your home. They offer both frontal and lateral protection because they have such a structure that allows the fabric to descend flush to the wall . The vertical awning provides complete protection from the sun.


Awning features

The S/2015 BRACCIO ROTANTE is an awning with lateral guides and spring-loaded pivot arms with sliding on guides. It is equipped with a double roller with one awning descending inside the guides and the other awning rotating up to 180° on the arms, equipped with tensioning springs for a frontal closure almost to the floor.

The guides can be standard or with double flaps for improved closure. It has a height-adjustable foot to change the guides’ height in case of irregular floors.
Finishes include a bracket and a foot casing. The awning is set up as standard as a combination of 2 corner awnings. The hooking and unhooking of the front rail is semi-automatic as standard or automatic upon request with a stainless steel pin rotating on a spring made of “stainless” harmonic steel.

The installation is by brackets or by direct pin. It can be fitted onto walls frontally or laterally or ceiling.

The awning can be equipped optionally with an aluminum protective cover box that can be opened and inspected. A movable windbreak or a reinforced profile can be added to prevent the awning from falling out of the guides. The windbreak can also be added after installation.
It is possible to choose material and colour of the fabric.

The opening can be either by gear or with SOMFY motor system with traditional technology, RTS radio, or IO home-control. The IO system manages awnings opening via remote control or via app from smartphone or tablet, also remotely.

Render 3D drop awning with arms S/2015 ROTATING ARM MECTEND

Applications of the S/2015 BRACCIO ROTANTE Pivot arm awning

The S/2015 BRACCIO ROTANTE Pivot arm awning is a strong sunscreen solution, ideal for vertical enclosures of porches, verandas and terraces.

The meticulous design in every detail and the aesthetic beauty of the details make it a real pearl of our production.


Advantages of the S/2015 BRACCIO ROTANTE Pivot arm awning

The S/2015 vertical drop awning offers a significant advantage because it allows you to shade your living area completely with no bulk.

Thanks to the possibility of installing the double awning, an important functional result can be achieved combined with an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Make your home environment fresher in the hottest days and enjoy the extra comfort.

Manage the amount of light and shade in the best possible way, with a secure system, resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Mectend service

All Mectend products are easy to install and boast meticulous attention to detail. The quality of Mectend products is unique, also due to the fact that all production processes take place within the Mectend Group. Mectend has excellent expertise, because it offers tailor-made solutions through its complete production cycle.
Customer deliveries are also handled by Mectend, for faster and flexible logistical results.

With our wide range of vertical awnings, each installation is custom-designed to the needs of our customers with functional, versatile and beautifully designed solutions.

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