10 Tips to deal with the summer heat

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10 Tips to deal with the summer heat


Summer heat and its consequences

We are in May and summer is now upon us, bringing with it the summer heat, full of advantages and disadvantages. Even if last winter wasn’t so drastic, it has rained a lot and, in many regions of Italy, the sun was rarely seen, always covered by large clouds.

We are therefore looking forward to enjoying a hot summer, despite the annoyances that this will bring us.


The benefits of the summer heat

As we all know, the arrival of summer brings significant advantages.

1- Good mood: the shining sun brings us an automatic positive stimulus to our mood, making us want to go out and spend more time outdoors

2- Increase in physical exercise: as a consequence, in the summer we walk more in the countryside and go to the beach to swim in the sea.

3- Decreased appetite: with the heat, we tend to want to eat less and above all to prefer fresh foods, such as salad.

4- Vitamin D: sun exposure activates vitamin D, which is essential for bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis

5- Improvement for oily skin: for those who suffer from acne or oily skin, the sun tends to dry the skin and heal damage caused by pimples or blackheads

6- Fewer risks on the road: in summer rainfall is generally less intense, thus keeping the roads dry, allowing safer travel

7- The OUTDOOR: in summer you can enjoy your own garden or terrace, especially if equipped with a swimming pool and awnings or pergolas for adequate sun screening

The disadvantages of summer heat

The problems caused by heat are many and, often, the exposure to the sun can be not only annoying but also dangerous to the body well-being.

1- Sweating: with the increase in temperatures the human body begins to overheat and, as a consequence, the process of sweating begins, which can cause dehydration

2- Exposure to the sun: sunbathing is one of the pleasures of life, however it is vital to be careful because the sun can be harmful to the skin, even by causing cancer, in extreme cases

3- Unregulated eating: prioritizing our time out, we often eat foods that are not entirely healthy by dining in a hurry, causing digestion problems

4- Insomnia: when it is too hot at night it becomes more difficult to fall asleep and rest peacefully. Little sleep causes tiredness during the day, putting some of our daytime activities at risk, such as driving.

5- Insects: the heat stimulates the growth of many annoying insects, such as mosquitoes and wasps, which can make outdoor environments unliveable, constraining us indoors, instead of enjoying the garden or terrace.

6- Illnesses: the heat can cause general discomfort, so it is important to review our own diet and lifestyle when temperatures start to rise

7- Increased costs: the heat forces us to turn on fans and air conditioners, thus increasing the costs of the electricity bill


10 Useful tips to make the most of the summer heat

The heat causes various consequences for the human body and it is essential to adopt a series of precautions to enjoy the summer in complete comfort and serenity

1- Adequate nutrition: opting for fresh foods based on fruit and vegetables, especially raw, is highly advisable. This is because the body needs fluids to lower body temperature. Avoiding fats, which heat the body, and opting for lighter foods is therefore advisable.

2- Hydration: it is important to hydrate regularly to compensate for excess sweating and ensure good functioning of the internal organs, such as the kidneys in particular.

3- Stay in the shade: the sun easily penetrates through clothes, windows and get through gaps. It is therefore important to use a good parasol on the beach and also in the garden. Even the spaces outside your home should be furnished with awnings or pergolas to ensure good solar shading. In this way you can control your exposure to the sun, while still continuing to enjoy the outdoor space.

4- Sun cream: always opt for a high protection sun cream because the sun must be carefully dosed to avoid damage to the skin. It is also important to continue spreading the cream at intervals to prevent the body from remaining uncovered for too long.

5- Mosquito nets: mosquitoes are one of the main disadvantages of summer, with very annoying consequences for some, such as allergic reactions and unbearable itchy skin. Installing mosquito nets on your windows is highly advisable. In external areas, mosquito traps are very effective.

6- Air conditioning: air conditioning brings essential comfort to home’s interior. Not only can the temperature of the rooms be controlled with air conditioners, but, as a consequence, mosquitoes also become inactive. However, one should be careful of temperature changes from the inside to the outside.

7- Travel times: the heat can cause drowsiness and can hinder attention when driving. It is advisable to choose cooler times to travel by car.

8- Home Insulation and photovoltaic: to prevent electricity costs from rising dramatically in the summer period, it is advisable to invest in insulation of house walls and a photovoltaic system. In Italy you can obtain an eco bonus for thermal insulation, photovoltaic and also awnings.

9- Pets at home: it is also important to think about your pets, such as dogs and cats, making sure that they are not exposed to the sun for too long and that they always have fresh water available to hydrate.

10- Plants on the terrace or in the garden: trees and plants bring fresh air and increase the level of oxygen, especially in warmer periods, where the level of pollution can rise drastically. But remember to water them!


Why not enjoy a wonderful summer? We have all the means to be able to enjoy the summer without having to suffer unpleasant consequences caused by the summer heat. Just remember to put in place some precautions. Keep this article at hand to read every beginning of summer to remind yourself what is important to do when the heat breaks in and avoid catching you unprepared.

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