The exhibition R-T Stuttgart 2024

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The exhibition R-T Stuttgart 2024


MECTEND srl took part to the exhibition R-T Stuttgart 2024

The exhibition R-T Stuttgart 2024, the worlds leading trade fair, was held in Messe Stuttgart from 19 to 23 February 2024 presenting the news of German and international companies relating to the sectors of Home Furnishings, Software, Materials, Roller shutters doorsgates and Sun protection, Equipment and Technology.

This trade fair for roller shutters and sun shading saw more than 65,000 participants, with around 250 German and over 770 international exhibitors.


Mectend @ R-T Stuttgart 2024

Mectend manufactures awnings with full cycle production and, at the fair, we presented the latest company news, i.e. the new products that will be introduced on the market in 2024.

Mectend deals with the production of finished awnings, also offering the possibility of purchasing only the accessories for the awnings. This offer guarantees high flexibility to companies which purchase and collaborate with Mectend.

Our stand at the exhibition R-T Stuttgart 2024

The Mectend stand at the R+T Stuttgart 2024 fair was designed by Mectend’s internal team. The design was based on the company lines and the colors used were representative of the Mectend brand.

There were 4 awnings hanging on the back wall: the new awning with folding arms S/2007, the awning with folding arms S/2004, the awning with folding arms S/2017 and the awning with folding arms S/2018.

The new EPOKA Pergola was positioned in the centre of the stand, furnished with tables and chairs, while, along the left wall, there was our Portofino Future Pergola, also furnished with tables and chairs.

The central monitor, behind the bar counter, showed videos of the production processes of the awnings, the renderings and the finished awnings, installed at the end customers. On the left wall, all the renderings of Mectend products could be viewed.

The possibility of clearly viewing all Mectend awnings’ models attracted the attention of many visitors, intrigued by the vast company offering.


2024 NEWS

At the RT Stuttgart 2024 exhibition, Mectend presented the new self-supporting EPOKA Pergola with fixed cover.

This pergola is produced entirely in aluminium and its canopy shape gives it a completely innovative appearance, allowing it to remain in operation for long periods of time, whilst being able to be easily dismantled at any time. This product is available both as a finished product and in ACCESSORIES.

Another new product exhibited on the stand was the new S/2023 vertical awning, installed on the Portofino Future pergola.

The new S/2003 uses the “zip” system, which allows the side spaces to be completely sealed with perfect sliding and retention of the fabric, even on medium-large dimensions. This solution has high wind resistance, thanks to the balanced distribution of the fabric, stretched along the entire vertical zip.

Mectend also informed visitors of the new square cassette with an innovative line for vertical drop awnings.


Our visitors

On the stand Mectend received many visitors from various parts of the world, including most European countries, such as, in addition to Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, UK, etc.

Globally, participation was very extensive, having met companies from all over the world, such as Brazil, Iran, Israel, Morocco, USA, Australia, China, etc.

Mectend attracted attention thanks to its extensive offer, not only of finished awnings, but also of accessories for awnings, which were of great interest.

Our Team

This year the CEO of Mectend Carlo Andrea Sciutto, some of our technicians and our Sales and Marketing team were present at the R+T Stuttgart 2024 fair. Our team is made up not only of highly experienced members, but also of young collaborators.

The Interview

At the end of the event, our CEO gave an interesting interview, which you could view on our YouTube channel Mectend – YouTube.

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