Discover the new S/2007 Folding Arm Awning

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Discover the new S/2007 Folding Arm Awning


The new S/2007

The function of folding arm awnings

The S/2007 folding arm awning is part of the product range by Mectend.

Awnings are used as sunscreening for glass doors, windows and living areas, which overlook an outdoor space, like a garden.

Courtyards, terraces and gardens are often not used as assiduously during extreme hot weather. This is because direct light causes harmful effects.

Even inside homes, shutters or blinds are often left closed. The reason is to prevent sunlight from penetrating through the windows’ glass, leaving, as a consequence, living areas in the dark during the hottest hours.

With an awning you can enjoy daylight, even in the hottest of times. Thanks to the awning, there is no risk of overheating the temperature inside the house.

The awning with folding arms

The folding arm awning is very versatile because it can be easily adapted to the size and structure of a building.

It is adjustable at the time of installation to determine the best angle and to properly dose the level of light and shadow.

The S/2007 is a folding arms awning on independent side plates with double-slot tilt adjustment. The arms are made of aluminum with chain for optimal thrust and more strength.

This folding arm awning comes complete with a canvas and arm protection cassette with cleaning brush for easier maintenance.



The new frontal casing is thinner and it is inserted frontally. This facilitates application with an even more aesthetically pleasing and finished look throughout, while maintaining the original line.

The new folding arm awning can be fitted to the wall or ceiling with a quick-fix system for easy installation.

Therefore, it now has an even faster, safer and patented installation system. Another difference is the millimeter register, which allows a very accurate closing action.

The new version of S/2007 can be installed next to the original version, upon request.

The new S/2007 folding arm awning, compared with the original version, is more compact and allows a faster installation. It also provides better sunscreening, especially when installed in multiple modules.



It is possible to choose from a wide range of acrylic or resin fabrics, depending on your needs and preferences.

Teflon treatment keeps fabrics clean longer because of its characteristics. This, in fact, allows dirt particles to slide off and decrease water absorption.

This process results in less wear and tear over time, easier stain removal, compared to untreated fabrics, and faster drying.

Operation can be either with gear or electric by SOMFY motor with traditional technology, RTS radio, or IO home-control. The IO system manages the operation of awnings via remote control or via app from smartphone or tablet, also remotely.

The S/2007 Folding Arm Awning is compact, durable and easy to install.

It is has an essential shape and streamlined canvas with a contemporary design, especially suitable for modern environments. It is ideal for both commercial and residential spaces.



The S/2007 FOLDING ARM AWNING is ideal for making medium-sized sunscreens. It offers a significant advantage because it allows outdoor space to be protected from the sun with minimal bulk. It makes the terrace or garden livable even in hot weather by integrating it into the living area.

Under the awning you can enjoy your outdoor space, protecting it from direct light.

The S/2007 awning makes it possible to optimize the outdoor living space, making it usable even in the hottest periods to enjoy the extra comfort. With an folding arm awning, you can manage the amount of light and shade in the best possible way, with a secure system, resistant to temperature fluctuations.

Applications of the new S/2007 awning

The new S/2007 folding arm awning is suitable for both individual buildings and apartments. This awning is also excellent for a commercial businesses, such as bars, restaurants or hotels.


The S/2007 awning

S/2007 are among the most popular designer awnings on the market because of their versatile and elegant appearance. The comfort that comes from using this type of product is very high, and word of mouth among our customers has led this item to be one of the favorites of our range.

Come and discover the new S/2007

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