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Discover the new S/2007 Folding Arm Awning

The new S/2007 The function of folding arm awnings The S/2007 folding arm awning is part of the product range Hidden Link by Mectend. Awnings Hidden Linkare used as sunscreening for glass doors, windows and living areas, which overlook an outdoor space, like a garden. Courtyards, terraces and gardens are often not used as assiduously…
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Awning history

The awning in history: luxury or necessity? Which one of these 2?

The awning in history Since the beginning of its history, man has felt the need to protect himself from the sun’s rays with the awning. Let us therefore discover the awning in history Over the years, very rudimentary artifacts have been found from the Neolithic period to the ancient Egyptians and the Roman Empire. In…
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R-T Stuttgart 2024

R-T Stuttgart 2024 trade exhibition not to be missed!

The R-T Stuttgart 2024 trade exhibition will be held in Messe Stuttgart next February from the 19th until the 23rd 2024, presenting new products from international companies, operating in industries, such as of Home Furnishings, Software, Materials, Doors/Gates, Sunscreens / Awnings, Equipment and Technology. Who participates to the R-T Stuttgart exhibition? R+T Stuttgart is a…
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