R-T Stuttgart 2024 trade exhibition not to be missed!

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R-T Stuttgart 2024 trade exhibition not to be missed!

R-T Stuttgart 2024

The R-T Stuttgart 2024 trade exhibition will be held in Messe Stuttgart next February from the 19th until the 23rd 2024, presenting new products from international companies, operating in industries, such as of Home Furnishings, Software, Materials, Doors/Gates, Sunscreens / Awnings, Equipment and Technology.

Who participates to the R-T Stuttgart exhibition?

R+T Stuttgart is a specialized meeting platform, trend barometer and innovation stage dedicated to doors, gates, shutters and sun protection systems. It is held in Stuttgart, Germany.

The event attracts suppliers, manufacturers and construction professionals. Likewise, consultants, auditors, notaries, dealers, dealerships, shopkeepers, sales representatives, and general contractors participate.

HoReCa specialists, real estate developers, stakeholders, master builders, engineers, interior designers, facility management and insurance brokers also visit. Companies represent a wide range of nations, including China and the United States.

Which countries are participating to the exhibition?

The RT Stuttgart 2024 exhibition is a high-attendance event that often receives more than 65,000 participants.  In the past, the event reached 251 German exhibitors and over 773 international ones. In addition, the edition was attended by more than 38,000 foreign visitors and more than 26,000 Germans.

The triennial editions of the ehibition receive a total of 140 countries. Among the countries participating are Kuwait, New Zealand, Spain, Canada and Brazil.

Many statistics show the importance of the event. For example, 75% of exhibiting companies and 59% of visitors represented a foreign country. 90% of the participants would recommend R+T. Visitors who have a positive influence on procurement decisions account for 87%.

About the R-T Stuttgart 2024 Exhibition

Each edition of R+T Stuttgart presents a wide range of events. It is held in several exhibition halls, each of which presents one or more product groups such as mosquito nets, shutters and porches.

Among the products exhibited there are also doors, parasols, electrical safety devices, textile production, drives, controls, bars, fences, EDP, operating equipment, research and development, specialized literature, and services.

Showstoppers also include the ES-SO seminar, ARCHIKON, the Doors/Gates Forum and the R+T Innovation Award. Participants can also expect one or more relevant parallel events, such as INTERGASTRA, and their interconnected showstoppers, such as the special show OUTDOOR.AMBIENCE.LIVING.

Which sectors exhibit at the R-T Stuttgart 2024?

The main German and foreign exhibitors at R+T are:

  • ACMI
  • Activa Awning Inc.
  • ift Rosenheim
  • Next
  • Saint-Gobain ADFORS
  • IDECO Industrial
  • Achilles Corporation
  • Aeronaut Automation
  • HP Deutschland

R+T is essential for sectors such as HoReCa, construction and retail. It also has high value for the trade, merchandising, education, media and service sectors. In addition, R+T is a leading trade fair for the manufacturing, real estate and engineering industries.

The insurance, interior design and distribution sectors also take part to the event.

Awning with extendable arms S-2018 - MECTEND

Past editions of the R+T Stuttgart 2024 trade exhibition

The 2021 edition of R + T was held digitally between February 22nd and 25th 2021. The edition received 22,000 visitors from 121 countries and 299 exhibitors. 65% of the exhibitors were from foreign countries such as Poland and Italy.

R+T 2018 took place between February 27th and March 3rd 2018 at Messe Stuttgart.

The event was attended by 1,027 exhibiting companies and more than 65,000 trade visitors, marking a new milestone for the exhibition. In addition, the 2018 edition increased the exhibition space, occupying ten exhibition halls.


MECTEND at the R-T Stuttgart 2024 trade exhibition

Having already participated in the last physical version of the event, Mectend decided to take part as an exhibitor also in the new 2024 edition.

Mectend is a full-cycle awning manufacturing company and, at the exhibition, will present all the latest company news, such as its new logistical set-up and the new products which will be introduced to the market in 2024.

Contact us to receive a special pass and visit Mectend’s booth at R+T Stuttgart 2024!




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